ONE & TWO for you

2018-10-17 –

‘I'm so happy that my last secret has now been revealed,’ announced xLaeta - alias Julia Fröhlich – in the YouTube video launch of her perfume range, ONE & TWO for you, in late September. The new range has been exclusively available at dm stores since 5 October 2018.

With over 1.7 million followers, the fun-loving YouTuber has been one of the most well-known stars of German-speaking social media in recent years. Only four months after the launch of her beauty label nju, the beauty- and fashion-savvy student is already bringing her next product to market and fans' comments are a testament to how successful storytelling works today. Willingness to buy was sky high two weeks prior to launch, before her followers even knew the details of the perfume. Given Julia's preference for roses and all that glitters or sparkles, the fragrance and packaging are no surprise: rose is the dominant scent, with pink and violet the leading colours.  



Working with ars Parfum, Julia has created two fragrances: ONE and TWO. These are designed to be bought as a pair, based on innovative ‘perfume layering’. The idea was to develop a fragrance duo that each work as a single fragrance as well as in combination. ‘Every day you can decide afresh how you want to smell and express your mood,’ xLaeta tells her eager fans.

Not only is she delighted with the product itself, she also raves about the eye-catching display featuring her portrait, which has been in all German dm stores since October.   

‘I'm so happy when I see the fragrances in a dm display. The display is sosososo beautiful...’ Julia enthuses in her Youtube video, in which she invites followers to post photos of the display on Instagram under the hash tag #XLAETAPARFUM. The STI Group creative team, which developed, produced and filled the display range, is also very excited about the reaction of her followers. Made from corrugated cardboard, the display design was inspired by the product concept and packaging. The focal point is the header – a cut-out of the YouTuber herself – which will certainly chime with her fans, and most likely end up leading a second life decorating the walls of girls' rooms.

But it wasn't just design that was important to Julia when she conceived the new product; it also had to be sustainable. As a result, the eau de parfum produced by ars Parfum is vegan and dermatologically tested. Furthermore, for every bottle sold one euro goes to Cologne-based charity Wir helfen, which supports children and young people in need.

ONE & TWO for you