Saved by the label

2018-05-25 –

’Brand protection and tamper protection are features increasingly asked of our company in recent times,’ says Attila Vass, team leader at STI Petőfi. ’This demand has grown from all our customers regardless of their industry or segment. As always, STI Group strive to provide optimal solutions for each set of customer requirements.’

Customer needs can be complex. Where simple, cost-effective and almost imperceptible tamper protection is required, the company usually recommend sealing with a smooth, transparent material, glued by a strong adhesive. STI Group can apply cuts or perforations to the seal to help users open it after purchase.

When a customer wishes the seal to blend with the product packaging material and design, or also needs the company to consider brand protection, the above mentioned seal material can be printed – with added security elements to make product forgery more difficult.

STI Group often recommend "VOID" type labels to the customers. Their effectiveness lies in the fact that this type of seal cannot be removed from the packaging material without leaving a trace; this trace could be a VOID message, or any other personalised wording. When packaging cannnot be opened and reclosed without this marker appearing, product authenticity is easier to guarantee.

Beside brand protection and tamper-proofing, it is also important when establishing product authenticity to be able to provide traceability and product identification. This can be achieved through the use of features such as sequential numbering, barcodes and QR codes.

We strive to provide all customers with purpose-designed labelling solutions that are simple to apply, and which can be applied at the time of order fulfilment to ensure the fastest, most cost effective response possible to the challenges they face.

Secure, traceable, spectacular design, effective solution: STI Group has the expertise to deliver any or all of these features through our tried and tested development process, based on active communication.