STI Group brand stands out

2016-06-22 –

Petőfi Nyomda, part of STI Group, entered MagyarBrands and Superbrands competitions as a Partner of Brands and was proud to be awarded both quality marks within a few months.

MagyarBrands – Hungary’s foremost brands

MagyarBrands is a mark awarded to Hungarian brands considered worthy representatives of Hungarian companies based within or outside the country, which guarantee reliability and quality to both domestic and international customers. As a recognised company in the business category, Petőfi Nyomda is now eligible to use the MagyarBrands logo.

Superbrands – The world’s best brands!

The Superbrands seal is a way for businesses to raise awareness about the quality of their products and services, stand out from the competition and reassure customers. Achieving Superbrands status helps companies to turn reliable quality into a success story. As a signpost, Superbrands doesn’t just work in the marketing and communication sectors; this seal has become well known to consumers as well. A committee of independent voluntary experts awards the mark, applying the same standards and principles to select from nominees in nearly 90 countries worldwide.

STI Group – Partner of the Brands

‘Obtaining the MagyarBrands and Superbrands marks of approval gives us really positive feedback from every angle. Our market position and brand prestige as a company has been enhanced, giving us another way of standing out from our competitors. At the same time, we have received a really positive response internally from our owner, STI Group, by demonstrating how much Hungarian customers value us as a Partner of Brands,’ says György Kolozsvári, Petőfi Nyomda Sales Director.