STI Petőfi Nyomda named 2015 Green Printer of the Year

2015-12-04 –

At the fifth annual Green Printword Awards P&E Mérnök és Nyomdász Kft. has named STI Petőfi Nyomda 2015 Green Printer of the Year, in recognition of its ongoing performance and high-level environmental certification.

Award Ceremony and Green Mini-conference

This year’s Green Printword Awards took place on 20 November 2015 in Pátria Nyomda, supported by the Technical Association of the Hungarian Paper and Printing Industry. Following a similar format to the previous year, the awards ceremony was preceded by a green mini-conference after which the winning candidates, judged to be leaders in environmental awareness, received their awards.

Focusing on companies in the paper, printing and packaging industry, the jury looked for evidence of active and exemplary environmental management, the use of green technologies and the promotion of environmental awareness.

Being environmentally certified to such a high level – ISO 14001 – played a significant role in STI Petőfi Nyomda winning this accolade. In addition, the company is dispatching an increasing number of FSC®- and PEFC-certified products from its plant in Kecskemét.

Energy Audit Presentation

Szebellédi István (EHS manager) presented the findings of an energy audit at the Kecskemét site, which is an opportunity to further improve sustainable processes while also meeting regulatory obligations.

His presentation gave conference delegates answers to some of the legal questions surrounding this topic, as well as providing practical guidance on the possible direction of technological advancements.

It was Szebellédi István who took over the certification of STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft from Dr. Endrédy Ildikó (managing director of P&E Mérnök és Nyomdász Kft.).