New Braille technology in STI Petőfi Nyomda

2016-02-03 –

Every year, the number of visually impaired people in Hungary increases by around six thousand. More and more products are being provided that feature Braille, the tactile way to communicate important product information to visually impaired shoppers and consumers. Braille technology is most typically found on pharmaceutical packaging, as it is a mandatory requirement for all medicines.

An increase in the number of projects requiring Braille meant that the Braille technology-equipped Expertfold gluing machine at STI Petőfi Nyomda was being run at full capacity all the time.

To offer customers greater efficiency, speed and capacity, the plant’s management took a decisive step at the end of 2015 to invest in a DIANA SMART 80 gluing machine for the Kecskemét press. Also equipped with Braille technology, this latest machine – now used for all pharmaceutical boxes – can handle single-side gluing and also 2 x 5-line Braille embossing, with a maximum speed of 450 m/min.

Equipment installation began in October, with a test run taking place in early December. Production began in the middle of January 2016; plant managers, with customers, are now looking forward to this increased efficiency and expanded capacity.