Display design increase sales for Capri Sonne

2015-09-01 –

The display design of the STI Group for Capri-Sonne was modelled on the packaging shape of the 0.33 L beverage pack with resealable closure. In addition to ensuring perfect presentation of the brand at the POS, the display had to allow easy product access from all sides.

What was important was the high stability of the display and the use of cantilevered shelves to enable placement of different varieties and flavours in one display.

The sales of the Capri-Sonne beverage packs presented in the display went up by 24 percent compared to the previous year and to the earlier version of the display. Capri-Sonne producer Deutsche SiSi-Werke considers this to be a very good development and attributes this growth in large part to the new display. "The attractive presentation and the ease of removal from all sides were crucial to the success of the secondary display", says Katharina Lindner, Senior Brand Manager Deutsche SiSi-Werke.  The display of 2014 also won over the jury for the innovation award ‘Goldene Welle’. The Capri-Sonne impulse display won the first spot in the ‘Sales promotion’ category.