The new display generation for maximum flexibility in retail

2015-07-14 –

With the ‘Pimp-my-Display’ concepts developed by the STI Group, manufacturers of branded goods can standardise their range of displays and cost-effectively create varying looks in retail. The different systems combine creativity and efficiency. Options available include solutions made entirely out of corrugated board or cardboard as well as combinations with metal.

The idea behind Pimp my Display: technically sophisticated basic display components can be quickly and cost-effectively customised with tailor-made corrugated board components. This way, manufacturers and retailers can swiftly and easily customise their market presence for new products, brands, seasons, countries or retailers. We have concepts for retail ready display-cum-shipping units as well as for stand-up displays that are shipped flat and stocked with products at the POS.

Flexible Shelf is a type of modular system made of corrugated board that is ideal for creating different shelf systems in ¼ and ½ pallet sizes. Depending on the customer requirement and product, the items can be displayed on upright or sloping shelves or Euro hooks. Punched holes in the side walls provide maximum flexibility, as the customer only needs to decide what version to use at the time of stocking. The STI shelf clip, made of styrene acrylonitrile (SAN), provides stability and versatility and is also suitable for direct food contact. The clip can even be disposed of and recycled with the display. The basic modular components can also be easily upgraded to themed placements using attachments, posters, and add-ons.