Sourcing in Asia

China is one of the most important procurement countries for European buyers. However, many factors must be considered if packaging made in Asia is to meet all European retailer and consumer requirements.

Packaging development and print coordination in Asia can be challenging for European customers, and not just because of the language barrier – Asian production companies are often not familiar with European standards and specifications. This is why STI Group makes the perfect partner for clients wishing to source in Asia: its European market expertise combined with professional project management guarantees a stress-free experience.

Part of the STI Group Network

STI Group has two branches in the heart of China's most important economic centres, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, which are part of the Group's design network.

End-to-End Service

The STI Asia Pacific teams offer international customers tailor-made solutions via a single European source – providing everything from packaging and POS development, through to production, quality assurance and international distribution. Advising clients on everything from materials to technology, these local teams work with audited suppliers that are selected according to individual order requirements. Clients benefit from top quality and flexibility at competitive prices. In addition to development and production, STI Asia Pacific offers a wide range of services:

  • Bundling packaging requirements
  • Coordinating with product suppliers
  • Obtaining test certificates and/or safety declarations
  • Prepress management
  • Copacking
  • Supervised loading
  • Decreasing pressure

Chinese goods packaged perfectly for Europe

Large retail companies ordering and packaging promotional goods in China form a large part of STI Group’s customer base, as do international brand manufacturers who want the quality of their materials and printed products to be consistent worldwide. STI Asia Pacific's solutions ensure that customers’ products score highly in Europe; whether that’s carton and corrugated cardboard packaging or promotional packaging made from special materials; from product-holding displays to POS decorations and permanent solutions.

Premium gift boxes

China is a popular location to search for a reliable cardboard packaging partner; particularly when it comes to luxury and exclusive gift packaging for cosmetics, spirits, watches, jewellery and writing pens. With many special refinements and finishes available, including magnetic closures, hinges and locks, there are no limits to the creativity on offer. The prestige segment is one of STI Asia Pacific's prime areas of expertise and is particularly sought after by customers.