Safety Management

Safety planning, management and inspections at STI Group are designed to protect our employees, our customers and our products.

In addition to plant and fire safety, occupational health and safety is a key issue. STI Group follows international standards in this area; minimum standards are laid down for the whole Group and local adaptations are managed in each plant.  

We also have provisions in place for crisis management and unforeseen situations, which are explained separately.    

Occupational Health and Safety

OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001 is not a standard as such, but can be used as the basis for certifying occupational health & safety (OHS) management systems. OHSAS is structured on the same basis as ISO 14001.

In keeping with our duty of care towards our employees, something we take very seriously, we have incorporated OHSAS 18001 within our IMS.

Plant and Fire Safety

Core aspects of plant and property safety are incorporated in the STI Group IMS and range from standard specifications for personal safety to electronic and mechanical safeguards. Fire prevention and firefighting are managed centrally. Communication and coordination responsibilities for all aspects of safety are clearly defined within STI Group.