Self-adhesive labels

STI Group has years of experience producing self-adhesive labels for multinational companies throughout Europe – especially in the food, household items, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

We produce self-adhesive labels in varying shapes and colours, and can include safety information, promotional codes and even fragrances.

  • Double-layer labels: these increase communication space: the top label peels back to reveal information on a second label underneath. This provides three printable areas in the space of one.
  • Label-in-labels: these follow the same principle as double-layer labels, but the top label is contour-punched and integrated into the label’s graphic design.
  • Thermochromic labels: these are printed with temperature-sensitive inks. The graphic design changes with temperature, making them useful for merchandising as well as product security.
  • Scratch-off labels: these scratch-off labels can be used for promotional competitions or to protect sensitive data. A code printed underneath the label only becomes visible when the label is scratched off.  
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